conductinganhrauditThe Human Resources Audit is a process of examining policies, documentation, systems, and practices with respect to an organization’s HR function. The purpose of the audit is to reveal the strenght and weaknesses in the nonprofit’s human resources system, and all issues, which need resolution. The audit is focused on analyzing and improving HR function in the organization.

The audit is a diagnostic tool, not a perscriptive instrument. It will help the managers to identify what is missing or need to improve in the organization, but it can’t tell what else is necessary to do to address these issues. It is most useful when an organization is ready to act on the findings, and to evolve its HR function to a level where its full potential to support the organization’s mission and objectives can be realized.

The essential goal of the audit process is to:

Evaluate and Improve your HR Practise in:

• Roles, head count, and HR information systems (HRIS)
• Recruitment
• Documentation
• Training, development, and career management
• Compensation and benefits
• Performance measurement and evaluation
• Termination and transition
• Legal issues and personnel polices

How Does the Audit Process Work?

Serving as your professional partner, we will:

• Review relevant documentation
• Interview key staff
• Compile data a prepare and customized written report
• Make specific recommendations to improve the efficiency and performance of HR function

Immediate Audit Benefits

After we conclude the process of HR audit CREDO experts will provide consultancy on:

• Create an HR business plan
• Streamline HR work processes
• Monitor compliance with established regulations and procedures
• Develop user-friendly HR systems

After our comprehensive assesment of your systems, we identify areas of improvement and provide practical solutions. The best HR practices involve a legally defensible frame-work, training of employees, and accurate marketplace data. We help you look at the whole picture, at what your programs mean today, and the implications for your organization down the road.

Moving from Recommendation to Results

As you evaluate the findings from your organizational audit, CREDO Human Resourcing Ltd. is available to  help you prioritize and implement what you choose to do. We can also provide expertise in development and adjusment of comprehensive HR polices and procedures.

Our goal is to provide specific, cost-effective options by pairing you with the services and individuals who can be most helpful.