Personnel search and selection

Human ResourcesThe process of personnel search and selection is coordinated by professionals with in-depth expertise in human capital consulting and legal aspects of human resources management. Our consultants coordinate  the selection process and prepares detailed analysis of the organizational environment of the company as well as the prospective candidate’s profile for the position.

The execution of the selection process is organized in the following steps:
• Assessment of the criteria for qualifications, skills and competencies required for the position
• Preparation of media plan for advertisement
• Assessment of the professional and behavioral features of the applicants through interviews and professional skills exams
• Development of individual profiles for the selected candidates
• Coordination of final interviews with the client
• Reference check and recommendations from previous working places
• Consultation in the process of orientation, motivation and development of the new employees

After completion of the selection process, our consultants maintain regular contact with the client and the selected applicant in order to aid the process of new employees’ orientation and motivation, and to ensure the successful integration of the new employee in the client’s operations.